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MOGUL Reciprocal Salesperson/Broker Prelicense

Reciprocal Salesperson/Broker Prelicense


If you hold an original current license in another state, you may obtain a RECIPROCAL license by doing the following:


Complete a six-hour course in Alabama real estate law as specified in Rule

790-X-1-18 and take and pass the corresponding Alabama portion of the licensing examination within 12 months of course completion.




Submit with the application an official "Certificate of Licensure" form (license history) showing you hold a current license in another state. This certification can be obtained from the Real Estate Commission Office in that state. This certification must have been issued within 120 days of our receipt of your reciprocal license application. Exam candidates will receive an application for licensure at the test centers upon passage of the exam


All reciprocal applicants should follow these links and thoroughly read Section 34‐27‐32(b)(1) and Rule 790‐X‐1‐.18.  Reciprocal Broker License Requirements -Completion of the Commission-approved 6 hour Reciprocal Broker Prelicense course covering Alabama License Law.  Applicants must take and pass the Reciprocal Broker’s examination on Alabama License Law within 12 months of course completion.

Click HERE to view a Sample Reciprocal Broker/Salesperson License Application.

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